Mexico Real Estate Solutions – Working Hard, Loving What We Do… and Where We Do It!

At Mexico Real Estate Solutions, we specialize in helping people who want to buy property in Mexico find the right property…  Then we help them buy it!

The passion we have for living where we do and how we do carries us into exciting new relationships with all of our clients. In the end, it’s our combined experiences and the alliances we have forged that adds tremendous value, helping each client before, during, and well after they buy property in Mexico. 

Regardless of the type of property you might be looking for, Mexico Real Estate Solutions has the solutions! Solutions to what, you might ask?  We can help you: 

  • Find a Stunning Selection of Properties to View
  • Locate an Experienced Mexican Attorney, Notary and Bank

Mexico Real Estate Solutions also specialize in property management, rental management and can even help you find answers to questions about immigration. Need a healthcare provider? Dentist? Golf cart? Housekeeper? Recommendation for a good bottle of tequila? If you need something – just ask – we are always here to help!

Mike and his family have become some of my closet friends and my trips to Playa del Carmen are not complete unless I get to see them.  If you are anxious or unsure, Mike will provide you with the best experience to help you decide what is best for you and your family

Steven from Chicago

Finally, we only work with people we like, so it’s easy to build great relationships with our clients! How do we know who we like? It’s actually really simple – whenever you’re ready to discuss how to buy property in Mexico, we would like to chat on the phone and get to know everything we can about you. That way, we can develop a real understanding of who you are and what it will take to fulfill your dreams. For example, are you a scuba diver? Is golf your passion? Are you a raging carnivore? Mindful vegetarian? Is sailing a boat on the Caribbean on your bucket list?  Who do you vacation with? What do you like to do while traveling? Why do you think you want to buy property in Mexico?

Mexico Real Estate Solutions exists to help people find the best property in Mexico for their unique set of needs. We walk our buyers through every step of the process, until we’re neighbors and our families are all having a beer together on your new patio! Wanna connect?  You could go to the Contact Us page, Send me a WhatsApp (+52-1-984-142-9494) and introduce yourself, or email me if you prefer,

Here’s to An Amazing Future! 🍻

Mike Burgoyne

But Mike… Why Mexico? And who are you, really?

So glad you asked… to learn more about who we really are and what drives us, get to know more!

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