Wondering WhatsApp in Mexico? Apps Make Communicating in Mexico Easy

Have you been thinking about planning a vacation or even buying property in Mexico, but are just not sure how to stay in touch with friends back home, communicate with new ones, or call local restaurants and tour companies to make reservations? Relax! WhatsApp makes communicating in Mexico easy, make calls, send texts, share moments, and more!

Using WhatsApp in Mexico

Regardless of where you plan to go in the world, WhatsApp is an essential tool for travel and business that will help make your trip (no, your life) go more smoothly… Especially if (and when) things don’t go as planned, and if you need to communicate unexpectedly for any reason, this app is invaluable! To get started, simply download WhatsApp for iPhone or Android and get the app set up on your cell phone before you arrive in Mexico.

To break it down, WhatsApp is available for download on pretty much any cell phone (and computer!), provided it has a WiFi or data plan… Which most (if not all) do! Once the app is installed, open it up and go through its simple setup process, and that’s it! Now you can easily communicate with anyone else in the world who also has the app, including new friends you’ve made in Mexico and everyone back home, regardless if they are rocking an iPhone, Android or a Windows phone! 

Here are just a few examples of how WhatsApp can be useful in Mexico:

  • Running Late? While you’re waiting to be picked up at the Cancun International Airport or from your hotel, simply send a WhatsApp “text” to your driver, tour operator or concierge to let them know if you are running a few minutes behind! (And don’t worry – pretty much everyone is laid back in Mexico!)
  • Buying Property? Your realtor will probably use WhatsApp to communicate with developers about available properties, and its also most likely how they’ll let you know when they’ve successfully set up a viewing of that amazing oceanfront condo you’ve been eyeballing!
  • Need to Hail a Cab? You can even use WhatsApp to call a taxi in Mexico. Simply add the correct phone number and name in the app’s contacts to set it up – easy!

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Does WhatsApp Charge Data Roaming Charges While Abroad?

The WhatsApp “messenger” feature uses the same Internet data plan that is utilized whenever you open emails or browse the web on your phone. If your plan typically results in extra charges for using these features while roaming, you may also be charged extra by your cell phone provider for using WhatsApp while traveling. The best way to be sure is to contact your wireless carrier and get the specifics about your plan before you download and use the app. Also of note, if you have access to WiFi and have downloaded and set up WhatsApp on your phone, it should be free to use over the WiFi!

Finally, be sure to contact your cell phone provider and ask if they offer international plans. Also, ask if any roaming charges will apply and if there are special rates or other relevant policies you need to be aware of, before traveling to Mexico and using the phone or WhatsApp. If you don’t currently have one, consider adding an international data plan before you leave to avoid incurring any unnecessary (and totally avoidable) charges! Now you too can make communicating in Mexico look easy!

Happy traveling and hope to see you soon in paradise!

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