Will More Americans and Canadians Retire in Mexico After COVID-19?

The onslaught of COVID-19 has prompted a notable increase in the number of people who are searching the Internet for information about “How to retire in Mexico”, and our email inboxes have been flooded with questions about moving to Mexico ever since the pandemic put a stop to life as we know it. Most of the emails are from Americans and Canadians who have specific questions about retiring in Mexico or if is a good idea to retire in Mexico right now, in search of a lower cost of living, warmer temps, amazing beaches and affordable high-quality healthcare, but many of them have also shared that COVID-19 has totally thrown their retirement plans off track.

In fact, some even claim they had never even considered retiring in Mexico before the virus changed everything, but now so many people have lost their jobs… Not to mention huge chunks of their retirement savings, so all bets are off and many people are actively exploring the possibility of retiring abroad in an effort to preserve their remaining wealth and enjoy a better quality of life for less.

Whether you are new to the idea of retiring in Mexico or have been thinking about making the move for some time, the COVID-19 virus might just be the catalyst to put the idea on your radar or speed up your timetable. And if all the web traffic we have received lately is any indication, we can reasonably presume that even more people are thinking about moving to Mexico right now than ever before; a trend that seems likely to continue as the current situation unfolds.

Although the future is still uncertain, we will definitely be watching to see if the pandemic prompts more Americans and Canadians to retire in Mexico, and we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that turns out to be the case! Mexico is one of the world’s best places to retire for a long list of reasons, and my wife and I can tell you firsthand that moving to Mexico was one of the best decisions of our lives!

Why Retire in Mexico?

Of course, a top factor for many who are nearing retirement age is cost – especially now! Mexico has long been one of the most popular places in the world for Americans and Canadians to retire overseas, in part because it’s easy to travel back home for a visit. 

Here are a few other perks of living in Mexico:

  • Low Cost of Living
  • Excellent, Affordable Healthcare
  • Better Quality of Life
  • Incredible Real Estate Deals
  • Fabulous Weather All Year
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Friendly, Laid-Back Local Culture
  • Intense Natural Beauty

“With its long U.S. border, Mexico [also] offers retirees the ability to take advantage of the U.S. Medicare system, although Mexican healthcare is adequate and inexpensive, especially medications,” wrote Forbes. “A tax treaty between the U.S. and Mexico prevents double taxation and official permission to retire in Mexico is easy to come by.”

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Regardless of whether you decide to retire at home or abroad, the lifestyle you lead will dictate the cost.  For example, in Mexico you can afford to retire on a mere fraction of the cost in the U.S. or Canada, without foregoing any of the luxuries you are accustomed to. In fact, there’s a good chance you will be able to afford a maid, a groundskeeper and a variety of other professional services in Mexico that are cost prohibitive elsewhere, thereby vastly improving your overall quality of life. 

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We would love to know what our readers think about this subject! If you would like to share your thoughts, have questions about retiring in Mexico, or simply want to let us know how COVID-19 has impacted your retirement plans, please tell us in the comments below!

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