Tulum Green School: Get a World-Class Education in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Inspired by the original Green School located in Bali, Indonesia, a new location in Tulum is poised to open in late 2021, bringing its world-class learning experience to Mexico’s magical Riviera Maya region! The partnership is inherently a fantastic fit for Tulum, where the focus has always been on sustainability and fostering eco-friendly growth. In the same way, the Green School concept provides a unique progressive learning experience that “ignites the natural curiosity of children,” and works to foster a love of nature, seeking to blend modern comfort with sustainable practices. 

What is the Green School International?

Founded in 2008 by environmental activists John and Cynthia Hardy, the original Green School opened in the Indonesian jungle with less than 100 students. Constructed almost entirely using bamboo, along with a few other eco-friendly building materials, the school has a room dedicated to yoga classes, and incorporates a variety of learning spaces without walls to create a unique open learning environment.

Solar panel farm at Green School Bali

Local and international students enjoy incredible learning opportunities at the Green School in Bali, which operates without plastic bags and has a carbon-negative footprint, because the facility generates both solar and hydro electricity on site. In addition to traditional studies, students enjoy learning about recycling and gardening, as well as cooking and caring for animals. Today, more than 400 students attend the Bali Green School.

Tulum Green School Overview

According to the website, the new Green School Tulum will be located at the heart of Selva Zama, which is a new holistic residential project in the lush tropical jungle, just a few miles from the Mexican Caribbean Sea and the most beautiful beaches in the world! The school will feature a unique campus that appears to be one with the natural landscape of Tulum, using a blend of local and international talent who will incorporate a variety of different forward-thinking materials and design techniques. 

Green School Tulum in Selva Zama

“Built out of low-impact materials, the Green School Tulum will incorporate bamboo and other locally-sourced woods and materials, as well as permaculture principles in its operation and design,” the Green School announced in a press release. “We offer a well-rounded and cross-disciplinary learning experience that encourages the physical, emotional, intellectual and expressive development of every child.”

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Classes and Learning at Tulum Green School

In Tulum, students will emerge proficient in “the basics,” including math, science, humanities, English, Spanish and Mayan, but a variety of experiential classes will also be offered, including entrepreneurial studies, environmental studies, the arts, health and wellbeing. Above all else, the school prides itself on celebrating “the wonder and magic of learning.”

Generally speaking, the Green School philosophy permits young people to thrive by changing the way they learn, creating a purposeful atmosphere with clear intention. Students will learn more than just rote academics, including how to be a change maker so each person can have a larger positive impact on the world. 

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