Top 3 Hospitals in Cancun and Riviera Maya Region of Mexico

The thought of getting sick in a foreign country can be a frightening prospect, so here’s some information about the top three hospitals in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico. With a strong market for medical tourism, some visitors from around the world even come here just to obtain medical care they can’t afford at home from the best local clinics and hospitals. 

It is very easy to be seen by a doctor, often with same-hour service and very cheap,” wrote Everything Playa del Carmen. “If you need to get tests done, there are clinics that will do it for you, providing professional printouts of your diagnostic results.”

1. Hospiten, Playa del Carmen

Considered the best hospital in Playa del Carmen, Hospiten is the largest and most advanced care center in the immediate area, with prices that tend to reflect this. Situated in the exclusive Playacar neighborhood, English is widely spoken here, and the hospital is accustomed to treating locals, tourists, expats and foreigners who only live in Playa part time. Services and specialties at Hospiten include: Emergency care, general surgery, pediatrics, dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, diagnostic imaging, radiology, gynecology, internal medicine, trauma treatment, orthopedic surgery, urology and general medicine.

2. CostaMed, Playa del Carmen

Also providing nearly a full range of medical services in addition to dental care, CostaMed is another hospital in Playa del Carmen located on the south end of town. Contemporary and modern, CostaMed offers a wide range of comprehensive, low-cost medical and surgical private healthcare facilities for both local and international clients. Departments at CostaMed include: Laboratories, Radiology and Imaging, Dental Unit, Sports Medicine, Hyperbaric Chamber and ICU support, as well as reconstructive plastic surgery after traumatic injuries or congenital abnormalities.

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3. Galenia, Cancun

Awarded with one national and two international accreditations, Hospital Galenia in Cancun is a modern facility with advanced, cutting-edge medical technology and highly skilled board-certified team of doctors. It is the only Level 5 Hospital in the state of Quintana Roa, and the only hospital in Mexico that holds an international certification. Galenia is also geared toward treating foreign patients and will provide services including transportation to and from your hotel, a personal escort and insurance help. Services and specialties at Galenia include: Cardiology, plastic surgery, neurology, gynecology, maternity care, oncology, medical tourism, dermatology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and general surgery.

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