Why Mexico?

Our Origin Story

After a close friend moved to Playa del Carmen from Winnipeg, MB, Canada in 2005, we came down to check it out, and absolutely fell in love!  Until then, moving to Mexico had never been on our radar… But in fact, it was once my father’s dream to live in Mexico, so perhaps it’s a bit more than just mere coincidence that this is also where my family has landed!  

Prior to forging a new path in paradise, I managed a ceramic tile and marble distribution business in Edmonton for a company based in Vancouver between 2002-2015.  It was a great company, working with even greater people and amazing customers around the world… We had a nice house, we lived on a perfect street… Kids playing hockey… That was it, we were living the Canadian dream! 

Yet still, with one of us (barely) still in our 30’s and life moving fast, we realized that we didn’t really love the ultra-busy life we were living, so we started looking for somewhere that offers a different pace of life… We wanted our family to enjoy new experiences and needed to do something outside the norm. 

Once we started looking for new opportunities, it didn’t take long before we realized that moving to Mexico would check off all the necessary boxes for us (and then some)! We made our decision to relocate to Mexico in 2014, but it took us about one year to get everything lined up and actually make the move.

Fast forward to five years later, and we’re still here in the Riviera Maya, loving what we do every single day! I spent four of those years growing, learning and managing a real estate sales team in Playa del Carmen for one of the country’s top real estate and development companies. Their focus, however, was on selling the investment more than the lifestyle. Although it was an excellent starting point, and I learned a great deal about Mexico’s thriving real estate market, ultimately I had to remind myself why we decided to make Mexico our new home in the first place: 

  • Better Quality of Life 
  • Living Happy = Living Healthy (and vice-versa!)
  • Lower Cost of Living = More Time for What Really Matters

In other words, spending 9-10 hours every day in an office was NOT what I moved here to do! 

Since then I’ve come full circle, taking a few months off before I began working with the same friend who first inspired us to make the move. This provided much greater flexibility in my schedule and allowed me to work directly with buyers, whether they are looking for a vacation home in paradise, or want to find a forever home that’s far away from the cold and snow… THIS felt great!

Regardless of the type of property you are looking to buy, Mexico offers a much lower cost of living and has a vibrant real estate market, making it ideal for buyers who are searching for a smart investment property

Why Mexico Real Estate Solutions?

In the end, moving to Mexico has equaled more time with my beautiful wife and kids, as well as exercising more regularly (and irregularly!), eating healthier, and overall just living better… In short, this is living, and we really believe that we are currently living our best life! We’re also ready to help others follow their own dreams, and we know that looks different for everyone.

Again, Here’s To A Great Future! 🍻

Mike Burgoyne

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